We are very excited about Realcomm this year - happening in San Antonio at the Marriott Rivercenter this coming June! This year’s theme: “Real Change. Right Now. Welcome to the Future.” This reflection is about re-engineering the real estate process and moving it forward. Realcomm is all about bringing the newest and best technologies into our sector - real estate. It is by far the largest conference for real estate technology on the planet!

What are we talking about here? We’re talking real time information management, next generation property management concepts, integrated CRMs, mobile platforms, totally smart buildings, immersion walls, 3D printing, drones, robots...and the list goes on and on! What started out as ideas, are now here and we are loving every bit of it!

From education to technology to collaboration, we’re talking 100+ speakers, several exhibitors, and thousands of networking opportunities! It’s one of the best chances for you to meet with like-minded real estate professionals and really discuss and debate how this new tech will revolutionize our industry trends. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Year after year, this Realcomm continues to bring 1,300 plus people yearly to the conference and this number continues to grow. A lot of the focus of Realcomm is explaining the importance of anticipating and understanding the effects of developing trends in today’s fast-paced business environment. It’s about bringing together all of this with the greatest technology and innovations and transforming our industry as a whole.

What’s even more exciting about Realcomm this year, is that we, as a whole, our industry, are finally ready to adopt the new innovations into our business plans, marketing, and strategies. All of the new technologies that we are introduced to are being put into motion for our everyday activities.

For us here at Oynx, that means bringing the best tools and programs into our own family and giving each team member the opportunity to get excited about transforming the way we can service our clients better and more efficiently. We want our team members to constantly feel exhilarated about what’s next and how to pass this along to not only our clients, but also their peers!

I will personally be speaking at this year’s COO Innovation Summit on June 8th: Asset and Operational Management SOFTWARE Platforms – Faster and Smarter. My executive level overview of the last 12 months' of activity in the real estate information management business will provide insight into the status of traditional companies and a multitude of new entrants.

If you’re thinking of skipping Realcomm this year...don’t! Don’t miss the chance to see some of the most innovative case studies, network with the best and brightest industry leaders and the opportunity to meet more than 100 vendors offering unbelievable technology that can be used in your own organization. If you have even one technology decision to make this year, it should be attending this event and I promise you will leave it inspired and marveled at how far our industry technology has come!

See you in June!

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