The Myth of Overnight Success

Every successful person got where they are today after tackling and overcoming challenges. After all, life is a hard-ass teacher who likes to knock you around along the journey. It takes real guts to not throw in the towel and keep going.

I’ve always been fascinated by people’s stories. Too often we see people at the pinnacle, but we don’t always realize the years of blood, sweat, and tears that went into climbing to the top of their industry. I want to know how they started and their journey to where they are today.

My podcast highlights those stories, busting the myth of the overnight success story. Listen to people from all walks of life–from ultramarathoners, musicians, entrepreneurs, and billionaires–as they share the adversities they overcame to build their careers or companies. These stories of resilience and determination will inspire you to pursue your passions.


Onyx Equities

I am co-founder of Onyx Equities – a leading real estate investment and property services firm specializing in acquiring and/or managing commercial properties.