There’s no better time to discuss the importance of a personal brand than right now — we’re at the edge of a new era. We’re at the edge of a new era as the world is moving towards ever-increasing levels of customization, specialization, relatability, and brand engagement. Not to mention the effects that COVID-19 has had on our businesses — and the way we forge new relationships. 

If you’re slacking in this area, you’re bound to get swept behind with the times. Make the transition seamless by polishing your personal brand and creating a legacy worth leaving behind. 

In a time when your personal brand is even more vital to success, I think we can all value exploring some tips to strengthen our personal branding. There’s no use in reading about how important something is if we’re not taking real steps towards incorporating the lessons into our lives.

Let’s get right to where it counts with these 4 tips towards enhancing your brand:

Be the Part

If you strive to be anything, at least be cohesive. Acting one way but saying another won’t get you very far. Your brand’s values and goals should reflect in the way you carry and present yourself. 

Think about it - if there’s a personal life coach that advocates for health, happiness, and prosperity but walks around town depressed, dressed shabby, and complaining about finances, who’s really going to hire them? 

Looking the part is just as important as anything else, so up your game by investing in your social, visual, and digital appearance.

Keep Your Social Presence Strong

A personal brand undoubtedly extends into the web. If you haven’t yet, Google yourself right now. This will give you a real-life example of what employers will find when they throw your name into a search engine… and believe me, they will. 

You want to have a positive, shining, and engaging online presence - not a scandalous, friends-only persona. Social media and the web are just as significant for work as it is for play, so keep things clean and give off a good impression. 

Manage Your Reputation 

No matter how many people try to deny it, I’m a strong believer in the fact that reputations can make or break a person. I’ve seen this to be true in the realms of business, social circles, and even on social media. What people think, say, and believe about you can oftentimes be more influential than what you actually are. 

Getting your brand on lock is taking a strong move towards managing your reputation. It marks a proactive step towards building the social image that you actually want to spread around. 

Be True, Be You, Be Authentic

Remember, the point of all this isn’t to change who you are or how you behave. It’s actually about becoming more authentic and true to yourself. Your brand is meant to be a reflection of you. A person should be able to take one look at you, be it digitally or in person, and get a feel for what you’re all about. 

When you’re working to consolidate everything that you are into a clear and concise ‘experience’, don’t turn yourself into something that you’re not. Just be you - and own it. 

We live in a world where ‘sticking to your brand’ is a basic sign of a strong identity. Make sure that you’re sending out the right message by honing your personal brand. How do you accomplish this?