You may have read the title of this article and thought “my what?” 

What’s Up with a Surge Capacity? 

Your surge capacity is a network of inner adaptive systems that humans can tap into. It’s your ability to not go crazy when super-stressful s*@# happens. 

It may be helpful to think about the processes behind our natural responses like fight-or-flight mode. Humans draw on this collection of mental and biological systems to meet sudden short-term survival needs. Our individual “don’t drive yourself crazy meters” are meant to help us make it through stressful situations, like an unexpected volcano exploding. Dante’s Peak, anyone? 

Too Much Surge Capacity isn’t Good 

The keyword for surge capacity is acute, meaning hyper-intense and short-term. 

However, in today’s hyper-stressful, fast-paced world, our bodies can unknowingly slip into our surge capacity mode to deal with simple, daily tasks. If this continues day in and day out, it can be problematic. #Wine #Meditation #Runamarathon

There are a few persistent issues that arise when we’re operating from our surge capacity too much. Surge capacity is meant to happen in rare spurts - not every single day. Since we’re all living through this pandemic, we need to be more aware that living in surge capacity too long will start impacting us in ways we’re not used to — or that we recognize. #Peloton #Tonal 

When you’re spending too long in this stress-response mode, you’ll be depleting your natural stores of energy. Your body needs time to recoup after using your surge capacity. This level of overload will lead to adrenal fatigue that can throw you into an unending slump. 

The way I see it, we’ve all probably been tapping into our surge capacitors this year. The stress hasn’t stopped piling up for months. We’re in a pandemic and we’re all still getting used to the “new normals” (yeah, right!). Add on the fact that since we’re staying distant, we’re not around the people who have given us energy and drive in the past. 

The Solution? Find a Hobby You Love

You need something that’s going to help you break out of the fight-or-flight pattern of your life

We’re not programmed to be living in full survival mode all day. But in today’s world, we’re in that mode all the time. Before the pandemic, we all had plenty of outlets to release our stresses and shake off our daily routines. But now, with lockdown and spending all of our time at home, you need to find a new source of R&R. 

In between those long workdays, you need to do something unproductive. The necessity of relaxation and TLC has probably never been more intense than it is today. We’re all moving at hyper speed but if we want to be our best, we need to slow down and breathe. 

If You’re Not Relaxing, You’re Not Thriving

If we’re not taking the time that we need to decompress, we’re just as hectic as Lucille Ball on that episode of “I Love Lucy” when she’s working the assembly line at the chocolate factory

When we move too fast, we’re not able to give any single task our 100%. Our work becomes sloppy, our obstacles seem to overpower us, and we’re wasting our precious energy. 

To be the most productive, healthy, and sane “you,” you need to make your own positive routines. We’re not at the office anymore, and there’s no water cooler you can visit to chat with your buddies. You have to make your own “water cooler” moments - because we can finally see just how valuable they are.