Living in a world that moves at full speed can be overwhelming. And now — scheduling Zoom calls to the minute is not helping this cause. 

Now that so many of us have been engaged in WFH for months, the delicate work-life balance has been thrown out the window and it’s easy to be stuck on the clock 24/7. When left unchecked, teleworking can give the feeling of being ‘always on’ — like there’s never a true break or disconnection from the daily grind. 

And did I mention that summer’s over, too? Summer wasn’t able to provide all the hardworking families out there with the annual break that we all know and love. Right now, we’re approaching 2021 and we’re still engaged in the ‘new normals’ of not-so-regular routines. 

Who needs a break? If you feel like this is you, there’s no shame in giving yourself the time you need. Actually, unplugging and taking it slowly have been shown to provide a powerful boost to business. Yes, you read that right. Being ‘unproductive’ is more productive than you think. 

While most of us dream about free time, it’s sometimes easier said than done. It’s not easy to disconnect and drop all of the routines and responsibilities that we’re so used to. If you’re feeling stressed about taking time off, you might as well be working - because that anxiety is tainting the benefits that letting go can bring you. Not to mention, the phone being in our pocket all.the.time. (ugh!) 

If you need help putting life on pause, maybe these insights can help you. It’s so important to take a break, enjoy some downtime, and take a ‘vacation’  — whatever that looks like right now. Here’s how to do it: 

Adopt a Positive Outlook on Life

If you’re not happy, it’s hard to stay motivated. Giving yourself a moment to unwind is imperative if you want to maintain a positive attitude towards life. If you have nothing to look forward to, no fun to anticipate, the responsibilities of life can drag you down. 

Give Your Mind Room to Wander

An open mind is a creative one. Unlock your inner genius by giving yourself the downtime needed to let your mind wander. Sleep, walk, go for a drive, or just hang. These little moments give you the chance to unwind and explore new areas of yourself. If even only for a few minutes (between Zoom calls). 

Get Excited

Shed the stress with a healthy dose of laughter. When you’re laughing you can’t be sad. Happiness truly is the magic medicine to all of the hardships in life. I know I personally love watching Kevin Hart — I laugh from start to finish. 

Explore New Sources of Inspiration 

If you haven’t looked for fresh inspiration in a while, you’re undoubtedly running on outdated passion. Respark your creative drive by giving yourself the freedom to explore new things that inspire you. Whether it’s just for fun or ties into your work, it will add a new dimension to your flows.

Strengthen Important Relationships

It’s my personal belief that success isn’t just about professional excellence — it’s about a beautiful balance that extends into every aspect of your life, relationships included. Whether it’s friends, family, or that special someone, you’ll do better if those connections are well-nurtured. 

Empower your creative side by letting yourself breathe — and not just when your watch tells you to. When you come back to your work, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go.