What do you do? If this question makes you shudder, you may not love your career or feel fulfilled at work. Many people want to be able to answer this question with a fancy title that is meant to impress the person asking, but the truth is … a majority of people feel unsatisfied with the work they do. Isn’t that a crazy thought? Spending one third of your day doing things that don’t completely satisfy you?

If you hate your job, it’s time to channel back your intrinsic mojo.

Learn how to rejuvenate

There’s nothing wrong with needing a little personal time. We’ve created a culture where being on-demand all the time can sometimes be misconstrued as “good business”, but we need to remember to shut down and step away for a minute. Whether this is an effort to have “non-screen” time, some exercise or just a simple vacation (what!) … remember that you need your whole self to give your whole self.  

Attend an Industry-Focused Event

Do you even remember why you do what you do? A trade show or educational forum may help you snap back into why you do what you do. These events can offer new ideas, reminders and can help you collaborate with others in your field to get back into the mindset that you are passionate about your career.

Laugh a Little (or a lot)

If you are just not feeling it at work, take a few minutes to chat with your team and maybe have a laugh or two. Work doesn’t have to be serious all the time and establishing strong connections with your team can help you zone in on the job at hand. Don’t feel like you have to be strictly professional every minute of every day you are at work. Share a funny story, watch a funny video – just take a second to have a laugh.

Get Out of Your Head and Help Others

Helping others at work is a key strategy in helping you find your intrinsic mojo again. Lend your unique skill set and perspective to another member of your team to help them on a project. This can have a positive impact on both of you and can help spice up your workday by teaming with someone who can also offer fresh ideas and a new perspective. This also presents a new challenge and can strengthen your work relationship with that team member.

Seek Out a Mentor or Coach

Whether you are just starting out in your career or you’re a 15-year seasoned industry veteran, chances are you can learn more about your field. Seek out a mentor to help guide you and to give you advice and tips to help make your work improve. Everyone has experienced a time when they feel burnt out at work, but with the help of a mentor, you can re-light that flame and get your fire burning for your career again. All it takes is a phone call or a quick email to set up a meeting.