Business is changing at a rapid pace. So much so, that it’s almost hard to stay on top of the ways real estate is evolving. Figuring out how to keep current with the industry without sinking all of your time into reading publications and tweets is a challenge. This is why I’ve come up with a list of resources to follow for all of my day-to-day information. This way, I don’t have to spend too much time reading through information that doesn’t apply to me so that I can dive right into the relevant content.

Are you looking to stay ahead of the real estate curve? Check out these sites:

1. Duke Long

Are you tired of getting the candy-coated version of news in CRE? If so, Duke Long is an excellent source of information that tells it like it is – the good, bad, and the ugly.

2. Michael Beckerman

Michael Beckerman is great for staying updated on the tech side of real estate.

3. GlobeSt

GlobeSt is a one-stop news source for all groundbreaking news in the American and international real estate markets.

4. ICSC News

The International Council of Shopping Centers is a must-follow for anyone currently in, or planning to enter the retail real estate sector.

5. Wired

Not tailored specifically to CRE, but Wired has everything you need to know about tech news.

6. Bisnow

All of your CRE news with a side of wit and a great sense of humor.

7. The News Funnel

If you liked the site Digg then you’re going to love The News Funnel. While not a publication in the pure sense of the word, this aggregator supplies you with news from various sites in the industry.

8. National Real Estate Investor

Want to invest in CRE but feel out of the loop? NREI can help you make informed financial decisions with your money.

9. The Broker List

It’s CRE news with a sway towards brokerages, but with enough valuable information to help anyone in the industry.

10. Allen Buchanan

Allen’s site is a must-read for tips and news if you’re in CRE anywhere in California.

11. A Student of the Real Estate Game

A helpful and informative site for anyone getting into CRE for the first time and looking to learn the ropes.

12. ProspectNow

If you know the ins and outs of real estate but need some help on the marketing front, ProspectNow’s blog is chocked full of helpful info.


When you want to keep up with tech news that’s only related to real estate, is the place to go.

14. JLL Edge

Whether you’re entering the NorCal market or you’ve been in it for years already, JLL Edge is there to help you stay current with all things real estate in Northern California.


LLENROCK’s a little bit general CRE, a little bit Philadelphia oriented, and every bit helpful no matter where you’re working.

16. REscour

REscour’s blog is great for looking at trends and viewing CRE through a data-driven pair of glasses.

17. Salesforce

Not specifically CRE, Salesforce covers business and customer service. And since real estate in a people-oriented business, Salesforce is great for learning how to go the extra mile with clients and close deals.

18. CRE Outsider

Insider information in CRE and CRE tech, but written in a way that everyone can relate to.

19. Neuerspace

Jeremy Neuer’s personal blog that gives a rundown on how to climb the ladder and succeed in CRE.

20. Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk looks at real estate through the eyes of an economist. It’s great for big picture people who’re interested in learning about externalities that affect the market.

21. SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch, an all-in-one commercial real estate marketing platform, keeps everyone up to date with great marketing and CRE content on their blog.

22. VTS

VTS offers a daily dose of commercial real estate news you can use on their blog. They’re also keeping it fresh on their Instagram page.

23. Honest Buildings

You’ll love this blog for everything from the latest commercial real estate trends to marketing and sales tactics that apply to the CRE space.

24. CBRE

Need stats? Check out CBRE’s research and market reports and you’ll have all the data and #numbers you need to stay up-to-date.

25. JLL

The JLL Real Views blog is simply outstanding —covering everything from news and trends to best practices and marketing tactics.

What should I add to my reading rotation? Shoot me a comment below.