Almost a year ago, I wrote my most read blog to-date … Out with Millennials: You Can Thank Me Later.  In it, I argued that we needed to stop using the “M” word because the negative connotation wasn’t doing us any good. And, that —since this generation is well on its way to dominating the workforce— we should make an effort to get to know them better. We decided to focus on their fresh perspective and unique gifts, ditch the “M” word, and to get back to work.

So, the big question is … Do I still feel the same way?

The quick answer is yes —but today, I’d tell you to kick those thoughts into overdrive. Everything about this blog is “more” and “worse.”

Companies today are 100% taking this generation into account for nearly all aspects of business. It’s determining where they’re going to get space. It’s what their buildings are going to look like. It’s driving the services they’re going to provide. It’s how they’re going to hire, fire and communicate. It’s how we market. It’s where we develop and build. Is the technologies and categories we create.

But here’s the kicker … we’re using the “M” word to make these efforts and changes feel like they’re attached to something, but the whole world is taking on “M” characteristics. This is our future. It’s not just them anymore. It’s us.

Take an example as simple as the way we communicate. The “M” generation has lead the charge with so many of the communication tools and platforms that are widely used today. Remember when you could only have a Facebook account if you had a valid .edu email address? Or, when Snapchat arrived on the scene?

These platforms (even the physical tools we use) are now mainstream and, although (in many cases) we have the “M” generation to thank for that, we’ve all got a little bit of this generation in us.

So, if you’re looking for a main takeaway from this piece, I’d say that it’s the fact that all these big changes that we attributing to the “M” generation are really bigger than that group. Sure, they might have been leading the way a year ago —but it’s mainstream now. We ALL want to communicate better. We ALL want a more collaborative work culture. We ALL want to have technologies that make us more efficient and productive. So pay attention! Not because the “M” generation is taking over … but because we all want to change for the better!