I recently saw a post from one of my favorite inspirations, Gary Vee, that said this: 

“When you take accountability, you look inward and ask yourself honest questions. Then, you realize it's okay to feel scared or hurt or lonely or worried or frustrated. It's all a part of the process; there's so much good that can happen."

Accountability and authenticity are so important for building the life that you want to have. After all, being accountable is the only way to actualize our dreams. If we have goals, we need to be dedicated to bringing them into reality. 

Of course, this is easier than it sounds - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to try.

As always, I want to help you achieve these goals, so I came up with 7 simple steps we can take to make ourselves more accountable. Let’s dive in: 

Do What You Say and Say What You Do

This first step is really at the core of cultivating greater accountability. Matching your words and your actions will transform your life. All too often we put stress on ourselves by saying things we don’t mean or making plans we don’t intend to follow through on. 

Only say what you plan to do and only do what you say. Taking this up as a daily practice will breed a more honest and authentic you. 

Be On Time

I can’t stress this enough, but be on time. If you’re not on time, it means that you’re not valuing the other people in the situation. Not being on time is one of the most often-broken agreements, but that doesn’t make it okay. It’s a bad habit that needs to be cut out. 

It’s Not All About You 

Embracing others is a simple way that we can make ourselves all-around more accountable. Making what you’re doing not about yourself will revolutionize your processes. The moment you adopt an attitude of service, you’ll shift into “accountability mode.” 

Get Out of the “Versus” State of Mind

We’re only as valuable as how we show up. So if you’re going to bother showing up, don’t be the victim or the victor. Moving out of this X-versus-X state of mind will liberate you to actually tackle the task at hand. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about trying your best… which also means not blaming anyone.  

Blame is just a way of avoiding responsibility. Giving yourself reasons why something is impossible or stacking obstacles against you is like a false security blanket. Victim or victor mentalities keep us from investing 100% in overcoming a problem.

Don’t Be Afraid to Admit You’re Wrong

Working on communication skills starts with learning to admit when you’re wrong. Owning up to your mistakes will help you step outside of pride and be honest - and this is an honorable trait that others appreciate. 

I’ve made some of my best deals when I’ve admitted to mistakes. This gave me more time to develop a relationship. Even though I was wrong, it wasn’t a loss at all. 

Be Someone You Can Count On 

Be someone you can truly count on - that’s what accountability means. The only reason anyone does business with you is because they feel that they can count on you. Otherwise, they’d do it themselves. Fostering a sense of trust will invite more opportunities. 

Always Give It Your All

You won’t always get it right, but you’ll be giving your best effort - and that’s what matters.

What do you do to become more accountable?