It should come as no surprise to you that I love talking about the importance of innovation, especially in the workplace. Innovation and change are key in paving the roadmap to the future of our careers and for the organizations we are a part of.I believe that one of the obstacles commonly faced in organizations is the focus on constraints and how these constraints can actually work in your advantage and not against you.

Bring in A Beautiful Constraint. This book sheds light on basically taking what you have and working with it--making a constraint, well, beautiful! We know there’s no such thing as a perfect world. Opportunities aren’t just handed to us on a silver platter waiting for us to accept it. We’re constantly faced with challenges and constraints and when it comes down to it, what matters is how we overcome them.

So let’s talk about how we can be more innovative in the workplace.

#1. Stop Saying Can’t

I’m tired of hearing people say they CAN’T do something before they’ve even tried it. Come on! The only way you know if you can’t do something is by actually attempting to do it. Sure, there are instances where you CAN’T lift 500 lbs, and you CAN’T fix a technology issue. But, can you lift something with the help of 50 team members? Can you call someone to fix that technology issue? ABSOLUTELY!

I get it. The added pressure of failure plays a huge part in our lives--on all aspects. I won’t be able to tell you if you’re going to succeed at everything you try, but I CAN tell you that you will fail at everything you don’t. So let’s take the T out of can’t and move it to TRY. Start thinking… “I can’t do this now, BUT we CAN if…”

#2. What Can I Do?

Hone in on yourself. Remember, you’re in the position you’re in because someone in your organization recognizes your skillset and the value you’re adding. It’s time to look within. Ask yourself what you’re doing and whether you can do it better. This could mean taking a step back, reorganizing, reshaping, or redesigning the what, why and how. It’s simple, “Is this the BEST that you can do?” If your answer is no, why not? How can you work better?

#3. Use Your Resources.

Remember, resources are everywhere. They’re in the people you see day in and day out--it’s about tapping into them and collaborating together. How can your team members help you grow and how can you help them? Put your minds together. What are their pain points? Where are they strong? Can you each fill a gap for the other?

You may not be able to leap over each hurdle every single time. You may not be able to every other time. However, like in life, it’s a journey so keep adjusting your roadmap so that you and your resources will figure out how to work best together. Don’t get caught in an endless loop of routines and hurdles, because you’ll miss the chance at a possible opportunity!