Move over Millennials –Gen Z is heading into the workforce and it’s time to prepare for this new generation’s wants, needs and work styles. Gen Z does things a little differently than older generations. They shop differently, work differently and think differently.

For those feeling like they just got a handle on “those Millennials”, here is a 101 guide to answer all of your questions about the up and coming Gen Z group.

Who is Gen Z?

While there is no precise date for when this generation begins or ends, Gen Z has been dubbed as those whose birth years range from the mid 1990s to the mid-2000s. Gen Z is made up of individuals from age 2 to 21 years old. Gen Z represents the most diverse and multicultural group of any generation in the U.S.

What you need to know about Gen Z:

  • Gen Z isn’t a fan of advertising. Brands need to communicate with this generation in an unfiltered way.
  • Gen Z is more pragmatic and thinks of thinks in terms of the value they offer. Don’t sell them advertisements – sell them value. Spend less on advertising and more on presenting value through cost-saving options.
  • Gen Z is savvy with technology. Every single person in the Gen Z category was born into a fully digital world and they do not know a world without iPhones, drones, game systems and of course, the Internet.
  • Social media often helps determine if Gen Z trusts a brand (fortunately or unfortunately) and they use the Internet to research products and services online before committing to a purchase.
  • Gen Z is open-minded and adapts to different situations. They are not known for having fixed opinions.
  • They are not fooled by the “American Dream.” Gen Z wants products and messaging that reflect real life rather than the “perfect life.”
  • Gen Z has an entrepreneurial spirit that reflects their independence, self-direction and ingenuity.

Quick fact: Generation Z is projected to reach 2.56 billion by the year 2020.

Memorize these 5 Attributes of Gen Z Workers

They are more entrepreneurial - Gen Z are more interested in starting their own businesses and employing others. They have more resources available to them than any other generation when starting out, making them better positioned to take the lead.

They are less influenced by money - Gen Z are motivated by opportunities to advance and less by money and salaries.

They opt for more traditional means of communicating - While many would think that Gen Z would be more inclined to communicate via social media channels like Facebook or Snapchat, actually Gen Z prefer to have in-person communication rather than emailing or instant messaging.

They want to be taken seriously - Even though Gen Z is young and just starting their careers, they want companies to listen to their thoughts and ideas and value their opinions. They want the workplace to be less about age and more about the contributions a team member makes.

They want honest leaders - Gen Z wants to work for leaders that are open, honest and transparent. They want leaders who don’t hide information from them simply because of their age or title.

Millennials are so yesterday…welcome Gen Z!