The world has no shortage of problems. Luckily it has people like Uri Levine, creator of Waze and Moovit, serial entrepreneur, and author, who fall in love with problems and solving them. As a testament to his passion for challenges, "Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution" is the title of his new book.

This podcast tracks Uri's journey from a kid who thought he'd be an engineer because he wanted to build things to a globally successful CEO. Uri doesn't fear not succeeding, thanks to his Dad, who never stigmatized failure for trying out an idea. Uri's inherent curiosity drove him to evolve from software engineer to product manager to entrepreneur, tackling Israel's traffic congestion. But it hasn't always been smooth sailing. Hear firsthand how they believed Google's AI navigation announcement was the death knell for Waze, but the competition spurred investment in the company a month away from running out of cash.

Uri urges aspiring entrepreneurs to not give up because the journey will be hard. He mentioned the many iterations created by Waze trying to solve customers' problems. He encourages entrepreneurs to make decisions with conviction, including the hard ones like firing the wrong fit. When you fail, fail fast; this gives you time to try another approach or strategize something new.

He digs into why entrepreneurs should begin by focusing on a problem, calling it the North Star. Without it, you'll take a longer route and possibly get off-course in your decision-making. Keep asking "who has this problem?" Speak with potential customers and hear their version of the problem so you can work towards finding solutions for them.

The wisdom from Uri Levine shared throughout the podcast affirms that it takes courage, conviction, and many other essential traits to become a successful startup entrepreneur or CEO. Tune in to hear his approach first hand. Listen to the full episode here.