If you’re tired of Zoom, raise your hand. 

Okay, I admit that I cannot actually see you - but I appreciate your enthusiasm. 

Let’s face it: Zoom is helpful, but it’s not the be-all-end-all of successful remote teams. 

Can We Get Some Zoom Alternatives, Already? 

It’s about time. It’s been months - well, nearly a year - since we’ve been out of office. In replacement for the time that we’re not spending at the workplace, we’ve been spending it in front of a screen. 

We all know the Zoom burnout is real. Since the whole pandemic-closure-crisis, I’ve been brainstorming on ways to support the need for communication amongst newly remote teams. Now that we’re not all novices and have gotten a hang of Zooming, it’s fair to say that everyone’s in need of some new options.

There are other ways that you can keep your team engaged while working from home. The best part is, some of these options won’t leave your team members with the post-WFH hangover that Zoom does. 

If you’re tired of driving your team crazy with hours on hours of video conferencing, here are some other ways you can stay close while apart: 


Slack has been a popular online project management platform amongst professionals since long before everyone was out of the office. But now that we are remote, digital integrations are asserting a whole new value.

You may be able to alleviate the need for constant Zooming by adopting an all-encompassing tech tool like Slack. Your team will have everything they need in one, organized, task-oriented place. They can chat as needed and get work done independently or as a group. 


Monday.com is another great option - and it seamlessly integrates with Slack

Slack handles the communication part of the job, whereas Monday.com functions more as a project manager. Gaining access to Monday.com’s project portal will enhance your team’s digital collaboration capabilities outside of the Zoom room. 


Basecamp boasts an easy-access, all-in-one team experience for remote workers. Basecamp is a multi-use tool. Basecamp’s interface is great for keeping everyone involved and updated on the latest changes. Since your team has it all in one place, project management is a breeze. 


Another promising project management tool is Asana. Asana has honed digital organization remarkably well, giving teams access to everything they’d need. From task log-in times to the ability to create online idea boards, Asana does many things that Zoom can’t. 

Zoom… But Make It Fun! 

There’s no need to abandon the Zoom room altogether. Video conferencing has played an undeniable role in keeping businesses afloat during the pandemic. If we didn’t have Zoom, or any video chats in general, where would we be? 

I can’t say for sure, but we likely wouldn’t be as close and connected as we are right now. I’ve seen teams bond more deeply now than they have in decades. When looking to improve your team’s work from home experience, use everything at your disposal - including Zoom. 

Host Zoom happy hours just to catch up. Tele-workout, talk, or have e-holiday parties. You don’t even need to work - just have fun and enjoy the togetherness that only the Zoom room can offer. 

Relax and let other tech tools take care of the rest. Your team deserves it.