The way we market properties is going to change forever. In fact, if you blink, you may be transported into a world of virtual staging, augmented reality, single-property websites, live streaming …. oh, wait! We’re already there.

As someone who is always trying to stay current on the latest trends in technology — particularly as it pertains to the commercial real estate space — I’m always amazed at how fast things seem to move. From real estate agents keeping listings “secret” in a physical book (hello pre-Internet) to today’s fast-paced, must-stand-out-online world, so much is changing about the way we market properties.

Properties are no longer just a listing to add to your website. They require their own unique branding. Their own stand-out online presence. Their own marketing plan.

Here are my thoughts on how things have changed and where we’re going …


Gone are the days where you take a listing, add it to your website, and call it a day. (Was that really ever enough, though?) Today, single-property branding and single-property websites are the norm — particularly on high-value commercial real estate.

We saw this start with type websites in the residential space. That quickly grew to single-property branding, where we are now doing more than just branding ourselves. We’re branding the property, the lifestyle that comes with it, etc.


Full disclosure, I sit on the Board of Directors for roOomy — but that’s because I think they’re revolutionizing the virtual staging space and, ultimately, the way that we visualize space. Virtual and augmented reality opens doors for potential buyers — quite literally. It allows them to visualize the space in ways they never before could.

Imagine an international buyer being able to do a walk-thru without stepping foot in the property. A client being able to visualize their build-out using augmented reality and VR goggles. The opportunities are literally endless.


Remember the old days of open houses and walk-thrus? The marriage of social media a live streaming technology allows us to take these antiquated real estate norms onto the web and to a larger audience.


Talk about instant gratification. Chatbots and instant messaging — whether via your social channels or website — gives consumers 24/7 access to you and your listings. That is, of course, if you’re alert and ready to respond.

There are some great technologies out there that allow you to add chatbots to your site and Facebook messenger certainly has changed the game. The primary focus here, though, should be providing a consistent and seamless conversation that can capture — and convert — leads into deals.

I’d love to hear some of the ways you’re being innovative with your property marketing. What’s working in your market? What’s helping you stand out from the crowd? Is there a technology you’re most excited to start using? Let’s move the conversation over to my LinkedIn page!