Reasons to Support Technology in the WorkplaceIn recent years, there has been a very noticeable shift in the way we conduct business on so many levels. One of the main areas where we’re seeing this shift is in the workplace. Millennials, the so-called “startup culture,” a segment of today’s workforce - the difference is that people now want to feel a certain way when they come to work. It’s no longer about healthcare plans and 401k’s.

It’s an environment.

I wholeheartedly believe that our society has really evolved in a way where community, communication, and collaboration are literally more relevant that what companies previously offered their teams. People want to have fun, be inspired and feel empowered and surrounded by creativity.

Let me give you some examples...

Take a look at Starbucks. They aren’t on the top 10 list of “America’s Most Admired Companies” for nothing. The company invests in their team and they thrive because people want to be in a comfortable and “homey” environment. They create a powerful happy workforce around enthusiasm and a feel-good atmosphere. They recently started the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, and they work to provide their employees with a wealth of opportunity for growth and advancement.

WeWork, is another great example of how we’ve revolutionized what defines the “workplace”. No closed doors, fluorescent lighting and dull naturals everywhere. WeWork provides collaborative office space providing furniture, internet - pretty much everything you need to grow your business. They are a community of industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs. They really are the incubators of what we are all going to be. It’s getting to the point where if you have a satellite office at WeWork and you would like to consolidate your team back into an office setting you literally have to drag the people out by their earlobes.

This is a paradigm shift that can’t be achieved quickly or overnight. I see the way spaces are being designed and how they’re using technology such as smartboards to all sorts of other tools that allow people to enjoy working together and to work in a fun and happy environment. Just take a look at many of the amenities offered at today’s workplaces, such as bocce ball courts and karaoke rooms. All their buildings have a mix of these fun additions.

This doesn’t stop at technology, but also goes with the materials being used in these spaces. Take a look at the woods being used on the floor, murals in the office...murals everywhere. It’s not just technology products being offered, but also technology of the mind. I see combinations of both actual technology (products) but also the importance of how your mind feels as examples of how the workplace is changing.

It’s Also a Social Movement

Let’s jump to TheMuse. The Muse will show you how to define your company to be cool. It’s not just putting 500 words down that are designed to entice your next team member, but about how the culture in your office drives your company and what makes your company different. What is the heart and soul of your company? TheMuse takes that and showcases the best things your organization has to offer while providing you a link to a vast network of highly educated, career-minded professionals that are checking out your brand...your company!

This just goes to show you how important it is to not only support technology but to remain tech relevant for your clients to help continue to grow your client base, workforce and ultimately, your business. I’m a big believer in how technology can be applied to any workplace - particularly within the real estate industry - and I’m excited to see how this concept continues to evolve in both budding and senior companies in this industry.