While everyone is talking about the Metaverse, many people are seeing this new digital frontier as a goldmine for investment. 

Goods like NFTs and virtual fashion are all the rage right now as we gear up to dawn our oculus goggles and take that one giant step for mankind into the metaverse. But, who’s talking about real estate? 

As far as I can see, real estate is going to be the largest part of the metaverse. Hear me out. I’m onto something big here. 

Thinking About the Metaverse as Space

The Metaverse is a digital “place.” 

It’s like a hub for people to “go” and do things, buy things, and collect them. 

But, where is everyone storing their digital goods? In the metaverse — specifically, in their real estate located in the metaverse. 

People are going to enter the metaverse and go to “rooms” and “houses.” That’s where they’ll be able to engage with the goods and services that they’re logging into the metaverse to use. 

Keep in mind that everything in the metaverse is composed of a file. To access that file, you need a digital space that the file can be opened within. 

Unlike the physical world, where you open a file on a computer screen, files in the metaverse aren’t limited to the “size of the screen.” That’s because everything is projected into the metaverse. As an avatar, metaverse goods look like “real” items in space. The dimensions of the file, or how much space it will take up in the metaverse, are embedded into the file itself.   

Here’s a picture of what this looks like in the metaverse: 

  • You buy an NFT that is an interactive environment of one-square-mile model of the surface of Mars. 
  • You go to your digital space/real estate.
  • You “open” the NFT file, placing the Mars program that you purchased within your digital real estate. 

Essentially, metaverse real estate is the “where” in the whole equation. 

Cue the Biggest Opportunity in Real Estate EVER

These digital “rooms” and “houses” could be the biggest opportunity in real estate. EVER. 

Think about how land sells for $3 million dollars — that’s the physical version of the asset. In the future — the asset’s digital version — could have the same, or greater, value. Once the metaverse becomes prevalent, everyone is going to want to go to the coolest place. 

Here’s the strategy: creating a digital real estate portfolio in the metaverse. 

How can you build a portfolio of metaverse infrastructure that can become more valuable than your physical real estate? 

Besides building out new fully-digital “houses” and “properties,” investors and property owners can make digital versions of their assets that exist in real life. 

This way, you could possibly create a “stadium” in the metaverse that allows millions and millions of people to come to your metaverse real estate. That stadium could become more valuable than your physical real estate. 

People wouldn’t have to travel across the globe to go where they need to go anymore. 

We’ll be in a world where clients say “I don’t have to take a connecting flight to Spain to see your building. I can teleport into the building in the metaverse with 20 million of my friends every week!” 

No one can afford to sleep through this mega transition. The present, and future, are exciting places to be!