Are you a high achiever? Achievement means something different to everyone – perhaps achievement is receiving a promotion at work or maybe it’s growing your family or coming up with creative ideas and taking a shot at implementing. But all of these achievements have one thing in common: they are accomplished by people who have a specific mindset.

Here are 6 telling character traits of many of the high achievers I’ve met:


This one is a no-brainer. Those who achieve high levels of success are constantly driven to think outside of the box and create new and inventive ways to do things. They are not afraid to fail! As a matter of fact, failing to them means they’re closer to success —rather than further.  

These people generally volunteer to take on more work and don’t need to be asked to do things. They own it! High achievers take on big challenges and constantly deliver —even if it’s not perfect, because they know .. life is one big iteration. It’s never over until you leave this planet. It’s just in their nature.

Emotional Intelligence

It is hard to be a high achiever if you aren’t in tune with your emotions. Emotional intelligence is really about working with people —but completely understanding your inner self at the same time. Are you intuitive to people’s body language and tone? Remember, it’s not all about you.

Those who have high emotional intelligence know how to communicate effectively and connect with their team without throwing off the balance. They have empathy for those they work with. High achievers know how to talk to, inspire and motivate people. Reason being, they completely understand that you need resources and happy team members to make any project successful.


High achievers do not wait for others to tell them to do things, they take it upon themselves to start. They realize that in some situations they will have to rely on others, but in any situation in which they can take ownership and control, they do. High achievers can make their own decisions and take responsibility for tasks that need to be done. Again, they’re not afraid to fail!


Have you ever met someone who achieves constant success that has an entirely negative attitude? Sure, we all have our days where we aren’t in the happiest mood, but overall high achievers are positive and give off good vibes to all around them.

They are ready to seize the day and they don’t let small things get them down —maybe just less than others. It’s like the saying says, “every second you are angry is a second of clarity you can never get back.” High achievers know that and utilize it in the best way they can.

Listening Skills

High achievers cultivate advice from others and listen to feedback and constructive criticism. They look at this as the fastest way to an amazing result. They don’t let pride get in the way of progress.

No one is perfect, but you can work toward being a better version of you both in your personal life and at work if you find that you can listen to other people and take in the advice and tips they offer. Remember to listen to understand and not listen just to formulate a response. One trick I use (still practicing) is to try to count to two before I answer. It allows me to listen first.


Integrity is the only way you will make it to the top. Don’t believe the lies that only those who are ruthless make it to the top – they may make it to the top, but they certainly don’t stay there. Honesty is always the best policy – being honest strengthens your relationships with clients and extends your network. A true network is built on trust over the long term —there are no shortcuts to success. A key is establishing long-lasting relationships, and this can only happen if you exhibit integrity and honesty to everyone around you.