In a previous post, I discussed enhancing the workplace experience with technology, but what about the tenant experience?There were electronic monitoring systems in homes long before it was adopted in commercial buildings. But now, adoption has become prevalent in commercial facilities. The use of technology in facilities management has resulted in real-time system monitoring, communication and reporting. These performance tools allow building managers to report back to tenants on repairs and maintenance as well as to owners so they can gauge performance of an asset. No one is left in the dark, literally.

In the age of texting, Instagram and Twitter, the ability to contact people is huge so there are regular alerts sent to tenants regarding building updates. And, with the axiom “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” as a model, a dashboard gives up-to-the-minute status of systems throughout a property. Tenants can access that status platform day or night via 24/7 access. A tenant feels empowered to be part of the process instead of reacting to it, which provides a sense of control and thus, enhances the tenant experience.

This type of systems monitoring provides a benchmarking process so service standards can be put in place for facilities management. Property managers have such a variety of tools available that keeping in touch with tenants through regular reporting and alerts should be commonplace today. And, those happy tenants are long-term tenants.