When Cydni Tetro was a kid, she wrote she wanted to be President of the United States. Now the CEO of Brandless, she changed her mind, instead nurturing a skill for building things. Her drive to understand the why and when things happen unlocked her potential, but the road hasn’t been smooth sailing. Hear Cydni share insights from the bumps on the road, why sacrifices are actually positive, and how she’s helping people today through Brandless and the Women in Tech Council.

Cydni’s natural gift for computation was aided by early mentors who saw how she could benefit the emerging technology industry. She didn’t want to be a programmer and wasn’t really sure what her aspirations were. Still, Cydni knew acquiring these technical skills would open doors she couldn’t predict. Turns out, learning the why and when things happen has absolutely helped her in every position she’s held.

This highly technical skill set enabled Cydni to push her boundaries, like writing the first directory of a billion objects, becoming Head of Product Management, or focusing on growing a company as with Brandless. Not everything’s been an outright success, like innovating a peer-to-peer filing sharing before the market was ready. Cydni shares how such times are defining moments and opportunities for growth.

Her insatiable appetite to take on new disciplines and continually learn has enabled her to evolve with Silicon Slopes. While others in tech may have moved to Silicon Valley, Cydni candidly shares that making priorities means intentional sacrifices to uphold what you value. Learn how those choices can be equally empowering.

Cydni speaks about how our time is valuable. Everything we do has an opportunity cost, and it’s up to us to decide how to make the most of that opportunity. She also feels a deep-rooted responsibility when given the opportunity to help other people explore theirs. It’s one of the core values of the companies she builds or works for and one of the reasons she co-founded the Women in Tech Council.

This insightful conversation explores how showing resilience and having faith in yourself, and your own capabilities can unlock doors. Listen to learn from Cydni Tetro how handling failure can guide you to a successful future. Listen to the full episode here.