2021 is almost over. Can you believe it? With only a few months to go before we close out this memorable year, I’m sure that we’re all in a reflective mood. 

This year has been so different than the normal schedules, patterns, and workflows we’re used to. It seems like just yesterday 2020 was coming to an end, and we were all asking, “what’s next?”

Well, here we are. We’re almost on the other side of the horizon, and I see this as a wonderful opportunity to drive real change in our lives. 

Your Routine Sets Your Life Pattern 

In my case, this is all about routine. I think that in 2020 we all learned how much our day-to-day routines shape our realities. 

After going through so many sudden changes during last year’s crisis, many of us may still be in decompression mode. We may not have set any new routines or habits that can help us live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Adapting to 2021 means updating your daily routine to meet your new needs. 

Now that the external circumstances have changed, it’s important that we create new outlets in our routine that offset the new stressors. Just because something made you feel great in the past, it may not be holding up in today’s different environment. 

This was on my mind, so I jotted down four of the changes that I’m personally making in my daily routine. 

#1. Trying to Meet in Person Again 

After months of only connecting online, I’m trying to meet in person again with as many people as I can. It can be so easy to fall into routines and say “let’s zoom,” but I’m trying to do the opposite. I’ll make the commute and really spend time with the people in my life. 

#2. Ditching the At-Home Workout

Instead of working out at home, I’m trying my best to get outdoors for my daily fitness routine. Even if I’m going to an indoor facility like a gym, going outside of the house adds motivation to my exercise. 

#3. Calling People on the Phone Every Morning

Texting is so easy, but everyone can use a good phone call every now and then. I’m opting for it every day, and I’m doing this by calling people on the phone every morning. It’s a great way to catch up before the day gets too hectic, and it also puts me in a good mood. 

#4. Knowing When to Get Offline

I’m always conscious of my tech usage, but I felt like my screen time was rising in 2020. I decided to get more serious about knowing when to get offline this year. When I see myself scrolling and it’s not serving me, I’m putting my phone away. 

These four simple goals have made my 2021 full of growth. What new habits are you trying to do every day? If you haven’t set any new daily goals, now is a great time to start!