A follow up to my blog post last week: 3 Ways to be More Innovative in the Workplace

Have you ever asked yourself whether your workplace technology is working for, well, you? Probably not, but we’ve all had our share of complaints when things aren’t working or when we wish we had the next great program or gadget. Well, maybe you don’t have to wait as long as you think you do.

If you’re in the business to deliver fast, efficient, and superior service, chances are you’re going to need the help of some workplace innovations along the way. Whether it’s a program to help streamline your marketing efforts or to keep track of your billable hours, there’s always a new piece of technology waiting for us to grab.

Even something as simple as the office setup can make a huge difference. Are there ports for team members to plug into if they need a change of scenery? What about a walking desk to keep the fit conscious happy? These types of innovations are doing more than attracting new talent, it’s keeping them happy and boosting their performance.

So, what workplace innovations should you have implemented...yesterday in the real estate sector?

1. Leasing

Leasing office space, and also in general, has come a long way over the years. Think about how easy it is to hop online onto a leasing platform, put in all the required criteria and BOOM! There’s several options ready for you view. Even better, is that most of these leasing platforms even offer virtual tours so you can view the space from the comfort of your own home.

2. Property Management

The changes in property management are quite superior. Over the years, the focus from landlords to tenants have made headway in how property management is conducted on a daily basis. Today, landlords are going above and beyond to ensure their tenants have what they need and some are even tracking the amount of time it takes to resolve issues. They want to offer exceptional service and they are willing to innovate new technologies to make it happen.

Through the introduction of online platforms, tenants are able to submit their issues and needs, and landlords are better equipped to handle those needs to keep their tenants happy. Some are even offering added amenities such as discounts or delivery services to ensure the needs of their tenants are being met.

3. Asset Management

Imagine having a client that’s an investor with a large portfolio. How do you know what deals they’re taking part in let alone how those investments are actually playing out. The asset management sector has been blessed with technology that handles all of that in one program or platform. Asset managers can keep track of the who, what, when, and how’s that their investors are working in and offer clear advice based on accurate and real-time information.

So what’s next? What I see coming into our industry is the implementation of 3D services! I’m talking about having the ability to create interactive 3D models for tenants to actually view and experience the space before it has even been built. I kid you not, workplace innovations are truly changing the experience for our team members and especially our clients. Embrace what it has to offer and use it to your advantage!