There’s a mentality today that you must be on the road to great success when you’re young or you’ll never amount to much. Today’s culture often glorifies youthful prodigies — but it’s completely normal (if not, common) for us to find our career rhythm much later in life. (As I say, I’m a 25-year overnight success!) Or — better yet — for us to have several different career paths that lead us to the one that puts us in our groove. 

Let’s be real. Life is all about finding your mojo. It’s about finding your calling in life — your mix of passion, talent, and opportunity. 

But, whether you’re just out of college or feel stuck in the rut of decade-old career, how can you feel confident enough to explore the realms of your potential without feeling trapped … or scared … or hesitant? 

Here are my thoughts: 

#1. Push Fear to the Side 

You cannot be afraid of change — without change, there is no growth. In fact, I’ve written about this before. Overcoming fear requires that you identify the fear, consider the worst-case, strategize the best outcome, face the fear, and then be persistent in keeping it up. 

#2. Embrace Technology 

We’re in the 4th revolution and technologies that can help you achieve success are everywhere. There was a time that I wasn’t on social media and blogging weekly (believe it or not) … but I embraced technology to help me grow my network and my business. 

#3. Find Your Stride 

You’re never too old to make a change and to find your stride. When you push your fears to the side and embrace technology, you’ll be in a better place when it comes time to put outside of your career comfort zone. Remember, it’s about identifying your passion and your talent and then going in that direction until you find your stride. 

#4. Seek a Mentor

Don’t think you need a mentor? Think again. There can be nothing more inspiring than picking the brain of someone that’s forged a path before you. And, mentors aren’t just for the younger generation. I recently wrote about folks my own age (ah!) finding millennial mentors. Yes, you read that right. 

Now it’s your turn to tell me… what are you doing to keep your career in motion? To have professional growth? Do you get paralyzed by fear? Have you found a mentor? What was your pathway to finding your passion? 

Let’s move this conversation over to my LinkedIn page! I’d love to hear your thoughts.