The workplace and the way people work are rapidly changing. There is no such thing as a 9-5 sit-in-the-office-all-day job anymore, because younger generations are changing the way things work. Even the most corporate offices are adapting to the needs of these young workers by molding their working guidelines and changing things up to be more flexible.

Here’s what today’s workforce wants from their companies:

#1. Flexibility

Young guns want a company that is flexible. Working from home has become a norm in many industries and is almost expected, so when it comes to having the flexibility to work from home, they will expect a boss to accommodate to that need. This younger generation is also not keen to the typical 9-5 hours either, many are willing to come in early or come in late to either leave early or stay later. Set hours do not work well with young workers.

#2. Honest Feedback

Today’s workforce wants honest feedback – and lots of it. Younger people want positive reinforcement and plenty of constructive ideas because they do not like to be kept guessing on how they are performing. Thanks to their upbringing around social media, they want straightforward and descriptive over-communication. A great way to implement this is to set up one-on-one meetings (weekly or bi-weekly) to discuss performance and to go over projects they may be working on to get a feel for where they are at.

#3. Mentorship

Don’t just be a delegator, spend time to mentor these younger workers to help them on their career paths. Break down long-term goals into milestones and sub-goals. Make it clear how they can advance in the company and make sure it is realistic. The easiest way to deter a younger worker is to promise them career advancement that is not realistic within the company. Mentor your team members to guide them.

#4. Social Environment

A social work environment is a must for many young people —WeWork and other co-working companies have completely proven this concept. They value office activities and socials where they can build a strong network of friends within the company. Volunteer days where the whole office gets together and spends time outside of the office is a great option to build relationships. These social events will also help retain employees. Make work fun and comfortable!

#5. Accessibility

Being hard to get ahold of or who is not willing to take the time to communicate with their team is a huge red flag for younger workers. They want to be able to contact their team and access them when needed to ensure they are working efficiently and can get the job done. You have to remember, that this younger generation is used to being on their cell phone all day long and are used to immediate accessibility.

The workplace and the actual jobs of today are rapidly changing —being a mentor and a true partner for the younger generation will help them to develop and keep your company sustainable in the years to come.