Few would consider Rick Rieder, Managing Director at BlackRock, “motivationally challenged,” but the sport-loving kid didn’t find direction until his college placed him on academic probation. He decided to stop floating through life. Committing to his studies and finding a path started the ball rolling towards a career that would see Rick become manager of $2.4 trillion in assets. Tune in as Rick discusses growing his career, how listening to others paid off, and his approach to investing.

Part of Rick’s epiphany realized his skills with numbers would be an asset for a business career. At Emory University’s business school, he found finance motivated him. He dove into the career path, starting as a bank analyst and continuing his studies at the Wharton School of Business. Rick excelled at financial strategy, but a program instructor suggested Rick’s love of sports and personal dynamism lent itself to a career in trading.

That suggestion changed Rick’s life as he dove into trading. He credits his success to having excellent mentors who shaped his philosophy and helped dig him out of early mistakes. Rick shares stories from influential moments in his career that taught him the importance of consistency. He shares his view on what traits make a successful trader and advisor. We also touch on Rick’s passion for changing lives through access to quality education.

Listen for a deep dive into the financial industry. Like Rick, you can make decisions that move you towards a career and life that motivates you. Listen here.