We all get overwhelmed sometimes, but that’s not what’s important. The important thing is how we’re able to get back into a grove that isn’t overwhelming or unmanageable — work or life-related. 

Here are some rapid-fire tips on things I do when I’m feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and in need of some fresh energy in my life. 

#1. Take Breaks

First things first, if you’re overwhelmed you need to slow things down. Taking breaks, finding leisure time, and resting is the most powerful way to recalibrate yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your life. 

Take a breath, take a walk, and find your calm. You need to rejuvenate your mind and body if you want to set up a new rhythm for yourself. 

#2. Strategize To Find Your Rhythm

Sometimes I sit down and ask myself what else I can focus on right now to help me get back in my groove. This is how I choose how to spend my time when I’m trying to get back in sync with myself.

For example, if I was working too hard and neglecting my fitness routine, my answer would be to do some yoga and zen out. If I was spending all of my time on vacation mode with my family, I might want to spend some time on my work tasks to get me back on track. 

#3. Write It Out

When in doubt, write it out. I will literally sit down and write out what I’m overwhelmed about. What’s really bothering me? This usually helps me find the underlying stressor that’s hiding behind all of the busy work so I can address what’s really tiring me out. 

#4. Question Yourself

Is what you're overwhelmed with really happening? What’s the root of this overwhelmed feeling? 

From personal experience, it’s never really about what you’re actually doing. It’s always something else, something deeper, that’s making you feel worn out. 

#5. Remind Yourself the Pressure Isn’t Real

What is overwhelm, anyways? It’s you thinking a lot of things that probably aren’t true. 

The way I see it, the feeling of being overwhelmed is an illusion. You’re feeling many things coming at you at once, but a lot of them aren’t necessarily true. Feeling overwhelmed is a mindset, not a reality.  

#6. Make the Situation Serve You 

Being overwhelmed isn’t necessarily your enemy. It can be your friend that’s telling you something — but it’s up to you to future out what the message is. 

Maybe you’re learning that you work best with deadlines or that you need to write down your tasks in an organized list to keep your head from spinning. Experimenting with new solutions can help you ease the feeling of being overwhelmed instead of succumbing to it. 

#7. Just Say “NO”

The best way that I can prevent feeling overwhelmed is by saying no often. Deeply analyzing what you say “yes” to and making sure that it benefits your mental, emotional, and physical wellness will help you stop using up all of your fuel on things you don’t want to do in the first place. 

These seven tips help me slow down the pace of my life when I’m feeling out of control. I’m able to find the JOMO — the joy in missing out!