Generation Z takes change to a new level with the inherent knowledge of technology in all aspects of their lives. Wait, what about Generation Y? I know what you’re thinking, we just got a clear grasp of Gen Y and here we are changing everything again.The introduction of Generation Y also known to us as Millennials, changed the way the world worked. They were the group born in the 1980’s filled with confidence and tolerance. To a certain extent some were defined by having a sense of entitlement and narcissism in comparison to previous generations, while I believe many of those in Gen Y are actually open to change and have really transformed organizations all over the world. In fact, Millennials are known for their acceptance of the diversity of others. Gen Yers are also able to adapt rather quickly to new environments and crave change and new challenges. Once they are dedicated to an idea, they tend to be 100% committed! They are resilient!

Now that this group has reached adulthood, they tend to be more upbeat about the future and really became the first group in the modern era to have higher levels of student loan debt and unemployment rates. They were the first real group to truly experience the introduction of the internet and watch with their own eyes the development of technology and are able to use this in their adulthood. Millennials have helped pushed companies to reinvent themselves through advances in technology. Much like our own company, through the help of Gen Yers, we are now able to create innovative and more efficient ways to conduct business unlike ever before!

Millennials also have huge expectations when it comes to the work place and have a hard time finding their perfect job. It becomes more than just the job. It’s the environment, the culture, and what their workplace has to offer.

The New Offspring

Now we bring in Generation Z. Gen Zers have been stirring behind the scenes. Born starting in the mid-90’s and up, this group will be quite different than the previous Millennials. Gen Zers are independent. They are growing up in a healthier economy and don’t wait for their parents to teach them things. They take the bull by the horns and make decisions. Due to social media, they are accustomed to engaging with their friends and peers all over the world and are basically accustomed for the global business environment. This generation wants to take active roles within their community and will do what’s needed to get there. In a nutshell, this group knows what they want and definitely aren’t afraid to take action to get it!

They will drive and direct the way we will move forward - likely at an unbelievably fast pace when it comes to technology. This group didn’t see the birth of technology, they were born with it. It has become almost a required subject of education such as learning their ABC’s. That’s how powerful technology has become. While others had a learning curve when it came to using new tech, Gen Zers don’t seem to have any sort of learning curve. They knew what to use and how to use it.

This trickles to the purchase power this generation has. Gen Zers have taken buying to new levels with purchases, by increasing the volume of sale for this age bracket and all of this being done directly from devices such as their iphones. This means for businesses, organizations and even our industry, we have to change with them as they reach buying age, because they are a huge buying segment!

This group is so used to instant gratification and advances in technology, that even having to wait in line and not having the ability to swipe a card or device will drive them crazy. They are so used to the ease and quickness that getting anything else is a concept they can’t grasp.

Much like technology and keeping up with the changes, the same will go for working with, recruiting and selling to Gen Zers. It is important that we all recognize the differences in each generation and make changes to adjust to their needs.