To me, relationships are everything in business. It’s what gets me up in the morning. It’s what gives me the motivation to push through when I feel there’s no way forward. All in all, they make the business world go round so to say. Since relationships play such a vital part in the success of businesses, it’s important to make the most of each relationship and double down. Moore’s Law is a great model for business relationships, as this concept is basically the duplication of everything.

In this world of technology and artificial intelligence, which will probably take on the form of Moore’s Law on steroids, learning how to create relationships will become even more valuable because there is no technology to replace it. BOOM!

So, what can we learn from Moore’s Law and how can we replicate this for business relationships? Let’s find out.

The Right Business Relationship Will Fuel Your Career

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors that can be packed into a given unit of space will roughly double every two years. So what does all of this mean and how can it relate to your business ventures?

It’s simple – the more you cultivate and nurture relationships, the more relationships you will establish. You will double your network by simply hanging around the hoop, providing guidance and assisting people you do business with in any way you can. When someone likes you, they will trust you and respect you, and then that trust and respect will help that person introduce you to even more contacts. Like they say, “it’s not about that person you know, it’s about the people THEY know.”

You Get What You Give

In order to double something, like with Moore’s Law, you have to have a good foundation established so that you are creating more good relationships and not doubling negative relationships. You get what you give –if you give off good energy and establish healthy business relationships, you will be able to create those close and all-important connections.

The Value of Relationships

Who you know matters in business. You can get so much further in life and in your career (as well as having WAY more fun) by knowing the right people and figuring out how to help them first get to where they want to go.

Whether you are fresh out of college or a seasoned veteran in your industry, your relationships are the catalyst of all your growth and success. Look at it this way, if you are looking to make headway in your company, you need to perform your due diligence and reach out to people and network. Even a quick coffee meeting or a long lunch can help establish a relationship.

Remember, we’re all human beings here for a short period of time —just trying to do the best we can to not only serve ourselves, but serve others. When you realize that’s all it’s really about … Moore’s Law takes care of itself. (That deserves another BOOM! … but I don’t want to overdo the BOOMS! BOOM!)

Be a Mentor

Once people see you are comfortable connecting with others, they will then want to connect with you. You get what you give! Also, don’t limit your networking to just professionals in positions you want to be in, be a mentor for those entering the industry who are looking for some guidance. When mentoring and teaching, you’re reinforcing all that you want to be (and all that you’ve learned) in a positive manner. You’re not only mentoring, but you’re re-upping your game, too.

Like in Moore’s Law —which is the aspiration of every company for their products— the same success should be applied to your relationships. This will, in turn, create the same momentum in your business.