Let’s talk about being grateful. Practicing gratitude can fuel exponential growth - both personal and professional. Giving thanks is the first step towards making the most out of any situation and it can yield unprecedented benefits in your life.

Are you aware of the power of gratitude? It’s a pretty incredible way of approaching life’s ups and downs (and wow! are we being tested today)- enough so that entire lifestyles are rooted in a strong gratitude practice. Studies show that gratitude leads to health, happiness, enhanced self-esteem, stronger relationships, reduced stress, greater creativity, resilience… the list goes on and on. 

There’s got to be something to this gratitude stuff if it can make all this happen. It’s enough to convince us all to cultivate a grateful mojo around us - both at home and at work. And, with all the time we’re spending at home, we better get good at this! 

Now, you don’t have to change your entire life to reap the rewards that gratitude brings along. By making a few small adjustments to how you think, you can see the wonders of gratitude take place right before your eyes. 

Play around with these 3 tips to be more grateful and see what happens. 

Create Deeper Bonds With Your Team

How well do you really know your team? Most of us are stuck on the surface, interfacing with the superficial aspects of ourselves rather than our true identities. And, unfortunately, the best of us is linked to our genuine selves. This means that entire teams aren’t bringing their A-game to the table, and they’re only held back by social boundaries. Seems like a monumental loss, if you ask me.

Creating a deeper bond with the team will help you appreciate everyone for their individual strong suits, allowing the entire team to start actualizing their highest quality work. Being grateful for those around you will transform your ‘work’ relationship from mere acquaintances into deeper friendships. 

Get to know each other better and see the treasures that are right before your eyes. 

Take Life’s Hard Balls as Lessons

Take a moment and ask yourself, “where would you be if you’ve never been challenged?”. As much as we hate to admit it, our hardest times are usually responsible for our largest periods of growth. And, there’s no harder moment than the one we’re in right now. 

If you approach the hard times from a place of gratitude, you can cut back on unnecessary stress and worry and get straight to the ‘growing’ part. Don’t waste time wishing and wanting - be thankful for the friction you’ve faced and allow your failures to propel you forward. 

Rewrite Your Story 

Are your perspectives shaped by gratitude? If not, you might want to start filtering your thoughts and words with a grateful attitude. Cultivating a grateful culture at work or home starts from within. 

Rewrite the story you tell yourself by focusing on the positives, being realistic about the downfalls, and striving to do better next time. Gratitude transforms helplessness into an empowered stance, insecurities into confidence, and hurting into happiness. When you start living this way, it will rub off on those around you and spark a ripple effect. 

Creating a grateful culture can unlock new potentials for you. Gratitude may be the breakthrough that you’ve been looking for. Give it a shot! 

I may not say this enough, but in the spirit of gratitude, thank you for being here and engaging with me. I appreciate you and wish you the best.