Now that the industry is coming out of the dark ages and attempting to empower CRE pros with technology, how do we use it to our advantage? First off, don’t get the idea that it is a replacement for people because it isn’t. People are the most vital part of our industry’s dynamic. From an operational standpoint within our own companies, we need to promote growth and customer service which only comes from top-notch people.We all use technology to improve work processes. It creates efficiencies, sure; it enhances productivity, of course, but it doesn’t take the place of the heart and soul of an organization. And, it cannot replace human interaction like face to face meetings and positive connectivity.

Technology isn’t a substitute for my biggest focus … stay with me here because I can’t emphasize this enough … when you create the right culture, you get the ultimate organization. My number one job is to create a happy work environment. When you do that, people will go to the ends of the earth to create a great customer experience. This, in turn, will create a loyal customer who feels valued and appreciated. And, happy people create happy experiences for all around them, so in the end, your customers will be motivated to do business with a company radiating a positive vibe.

It’s all good. Technology has resulted in a better working environment: even though we are all working in different places, we stay connected and work as one happy, cohesive unit to service our valued clients.