And just like that, it’s been thirty years. 


After 3 decades in this business, I have so much to reflect on. This professional anniversary has me thinking back about how much more I know now - about this industry, the world, and myself - than I did when I first started out.

After thirty years, here’s what I’d love to tell myself back when I was a rookie: 

Everything is About Relationships

Commercial real estate is a notably social industry. After all, deals are propelled for people, by people. Networking and forming connections and trust is imperative for cultivating lasting success and the legacy to go with it. 

But, I now see that it’s not CRE that’s about relationships - everything is. No matter what business you’re tapped into, the importance of relationships stands strong across the board. 

Give It All You’ve Got

The more that I gave unconditionally to those who I was working with, the more success I had. Giving it all you got is a must because it means that you’re actually helping the situation, actively making it better, and brightening the outlook. When you try 100%, you’ll see situations work out smoothly time and time again. 

Coincidence is Key 

Doesn’t it always seem like the best things in life fall into place serendipitously? When things happen against all odds, when fate just lines up, is how most wins happen. Looking back, I thought I had to plan for everything. This is undoubtedly important, but experience has taught me that there are just some things that cannot be forced. They need to unfold for you. 

I can now clearly see that the greatest things came as an indirect result of me trying my best and adding value in any way I could to what I was focused on. I was always wrong about how it would unfold. 

Be Ready to Pivot

Have a plan, but don’t stay in a ship when it’s drowning. Be ready and willing to pivot when there’s a better route. Stay in your lane but be ready to shift. Flexibility is a necessity to stay strong for years - and as I’ve seen, decades. 

Slow Down

Speaking of years and decades, there’s plenty of time ahead… so slow down and smell the flowers. This is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. You need to be ready to persevere with resilience instead of burning out midway. 

Be Your Very Best

I’m constantly striving to be better. It’s my goal to be the person that anyone would want in their corner. That means living as an example to all the best traits - and even if it’s forced at first, eventually it will just become a part of who you are. 

There’s an old saying somewhere along the lines of ‘how you do anything is how you do everything’. Well, I see this as 100% true. No matter if it’s casual or professional, I hold tight to my values and aspirations. I always want to be the person that’s accountable, on time, respectful, and a doer of what I say. 

If you’re not living your best, you can’t be your best.