This year has taught us so many lessons. In the process of pivoting and adapting, we’ve all probably gleaned one major takeaway from 2020’s challenges: the world is changing… fast. 

In many ways, those changes have already taken place. Everyone is still trying to adapt to the “new normals” ushered in by the pandemic. However, there are some things that aren’t only related to social distancing or health and safety. 

Yes, I’m talking about this year’s quantum surge in e-commerce

E-commerce has so much to offer the global economy that it’s literally reshaping consumer behaviors and preferences from the ground up. That’s what we’re seeing now - and everyone should be taking notes. 

Key Business Takeaways from E-Commerce

I was recently reading an article about the latest trends in e-commerce that will shape the industry in 2021 and beyond. When I saw this, I wasn’t just thinking about how shopping would evolve. I see e-commerce as a catalyst that will change the entire business landscape. 

E-commerce providers have paved a new path that offers creative solutions that all businesses can model. This year’s expansion of e-commerce represents a key shift in consumer culture: shoppers want what e-commerce promises. 

Take notes on these 5 e-commerce inspired business tips.

Creating a Non-Resistant Business

E-commerce is known for creating the simplest route possible. When a process isn’t complicated, it can be easily repeated with a low instance of error. 

E-commerce constantly seeks the path of least resistance - and this is the secret behind its speed of service. Low resistance means fast fulfillment, and that opens up the bandwidth to serve more customers. 

This is what Amazon is the master at and it’s led them to the top of the food chain. 

Winning Customer Service

Good customer service is a necessity, and e-commerce reminds us of that. Since online companies are offering premium assistance, other businesses need to follow suit. In today’s world, businesses need to be offering all the attributes of great customer service. 

Give your customers the treatment that you want for yourself. 

Always Communicate 

E-commerce isn’t afraid to be transparent - and that’s one of the reasons why consumers love online shopping. It’s clear and to the point. Since it’s an instantaneous, shopper-driven experience, consumers navigate based on a clear understanding of all the moving pieces.

The bottom line? Never avoid communications. If you don’t have an answer, just call and say that. Show up and be accountable. 

Involve the Customer 

Your customers never want to feel blind. When they start business with you, don’t exclude them from anything. 

Take Domino’s as an example: pizza chains have long been known for promising the “30-minutes or free” rule for deliveries. Domino’s kicked this classic up a notch by offering the first tracking app, so customers could be a part of the entire journey. 

Do we even need to discuss how this simple idea won them so much success? 

Learning How to Learn 

E-commerce is based on value. Online brands and services are constantly asserting their value to their customers. The recent peak in e-commerce isn’t just because of COVID. It’s because e-commerce has developed a robust strategy that’s empowering its growth. 

All businesses can learn from e-commerce - you just have to know how to look for the lessons.