We’re living in an era of innovation. Whether it's business or creativity, all of us are being pushed (now, even more than ever) to come up with revolutionary approaches for tackling the challenges we’re faced with — and we’re being forced to do it overnight. 

While it may seem easy, so many of us struggle with modernization’s push for transformation. What’s going on here? Why is this the case?

The answer lies in the brain. Our brains are actually hardwired to repeat, repeat, repeat. Breakthroughs in anatomical understanding are revealing the truth within the notion that humans are creatures of habit, after all. As a species, we naturally fear the unknown and try to follow that tried-and-true path towards our goals. And now, we’re being tested — not only with the unknown, but with a whole new way of functioning. 

These safeguards may have protected our ancestors long ago, but in the contemporary age of business, they’re major inhibitors to releasing our best work and coming up with industry-shaking epiphanies. 

But, hope isn’t lost. Hope right now is the dominant feeling we must embrace. We will have to be more certain being uncertain than ever before in our careers and lives. Don’t think this is closing us into a box with no way out. Contrarily, these discoveries are going to lay the roadmap to rewiring our brains and shifting us into new and powerful modes of consciousness for the aftermath of COVID-19. 

Here’s how we can teach our brain to be less scared of the unknown - to actually want to go against the grain. That's where all the great success, great ideas, and great creativity comes from. Check out these 4 ways you can do this:

Trick Your Mind Into Change

Reconfiguring your mental space is often referred to as the ‘deprogramming process’. If that makes you feel like a computer, you’re on the right track. Amazingly, the brain behaves in patterns that closely mimic a software. Our thoughts exist linearly and the brain neurons fire according to past processing reactions - that is, until we shift into the quantum space.

This realm of thinking will move your brain out of the run-down norms and into a new, progressive, and growth-fueling mode of thinking. Changing up your brain patterns is the root of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s cutting-edge work in the field of neurology. Author of the famous book The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton discovered that big-time shifts in our life are all related to a change in environment. 

This means that the key to tapping into new realms of genius lies in switching up the stimulus our brain is receiving. Only when we take action to behave, think, and operate differently, can we begin to live and work differently. 

Make Friends with the Unknown

Don’t let the shadows scare you. While the unknown holds the potential for failure, it also holds the keys to success. Embracing the unknown is the first step towards tricking your brain into exploring new possibilities and approaches. 

Don’t let the ‘what if’ hold you back from your breakthroughs - be brave and open to what lies ahead.

Realize You Are Your Limitations

It’s time to break down the walls. Even if you’re trying your hardest to unlock your inner-genius, you’ll need to consider the fact that you may be only fighting against yourself. When we realize that we are our own limitations, we can consciously let go of these inhibitions - that we may not even know we’re setting in the first place!

Be Fearless, Be Unapologetic, Be Yourself

When you’re on the psychological journey of surpassing your own limits, you can’t waste time being concerned with outside expectations. This is an exercise in personal growth, meaning you’ll need to be honest with yourself and face your internal labyrinth. 

The only way to get to the other side is by embracing your limiting beliefs and relentlessly move forward. Rewiring your brain is the key to unleashing your greatest work, ideas, and successes.