Burnout is a real thing and it happens to all of us when we work in the same job, on the same project, or in the same industry for long periods of time. If what was once an exciting job has now turned into a multitude of mundane tasks, you may be experiencing burnout. But when that trickles down to your team, it can be devastating to morale, productivity and more.

If you feel your team is experiencing burnout, here are a few tips to help revive them:

#1. Encourage Breaks

If your team never has time to disconnect, rest and spend time with friends and family, they will inevitably get burnt out. Take a look at how much PTO your team members have and if you see that your team has consistently been working with no vacation, encourage them to take a few days off.

Time off should be championed, not just “allowed.” If you give your team members grief every time they want to take time off, you will force them to overwork themselves and they could up resenting you for it.

#2. Recognize Achievements

If your team members are constantly going above and beyond in their work, but only get noticed if something is less than perfect, you will find yourself losing team members regularly. Take the time to tell your team how great of a job they are doing. Take them out to a nice lunch, plan an exciting happy hour, and try to encourage some stress-free bonding time among the team. You’d be surprised what a few hours outside of the office can do for your team.

When you recognize your team members’ achievements, you’re not only helping to keep them engaged with their work —you’re providing the mentoring and encouragement they need to elevate their careers.

#3. Promote Wellness

The healthier your team members are, the happy and more productive they will be. Try to encourage wellness in the workplace by offering things like free yoga classes or group walks for a quick break. The more active your team is, the better they will feel and the less likely they will burn out. Talk with local gyms and juice shops to try to get discounted rates for your team members to encourage them to be healthier. And, who doesn’t love a great baseball or basketball outing?

#4. Keep Your Door Open

Your team should feel comfortable with coming to your office to talk to you. By having an open-door policy, you will always be aware of what is going on with your team and you will eliminate any surprises you. You also have the opportunity to fix problems before they escalate because team members will come to you immediately because you have encouraged that. Creating separation between you and your team will not help you establish any loyalty and will make it easier for team members to lose steam and leave altogether.

Burnout is so much easier to prevent than to fix. By really showing your team that you appreciate all that they do by having an open-door policy, giving praise when and feedback on a daily basis and of course promoting wellness, you can avoid the problem before it happens. Without attention in the early stages, it could take weeks or months for a burnt out employee to get back to full productivity, which is bad news for everyone.