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15th Annual RealShare New Jersey Conference

New Jersey is no longer living in the shadow of NYC. Rising rental demand is spurring a development boom. The multifamily market is in a transitional phase, leaving the aging garden apartments behind for more modern luxury condos. Companies are moving away from multiple office locations to house all of their operations out of one central facility. Industrial development is exploding. Northern New Jersey is the traditional home for Industrial products, and is quickly running out of developable land. The state has reacted by improving transportation infrastructure along the canals and the New Jersey Turnpike - allowing for more cargo shipments and additional truck lanes. Our industry professionals dive deep into the trends and economics of the New Jersey commercial real estate world. Come hear from top lenders, builders, buyers, and visionaries - and learn what makes New Jersey primed to take over the northeast commercial real estate world.

Topics & Themes include:

  • The Transition of Multifamily:  From Garden Apts to Modern Luxury

  • Office Space:  The Migration to Better Workflow Efficiency

  • Promoting Growth from Within:  Tax Incentives & State Guidance

  • Industrial Drivers:  E-Commerce, Distribution Centers & Port Activity

  • 2016 & Beyond:  At a Peak or Room to Run?

  • Industrial Expansion:  Transport Infrastructure's Role in Where & How