GenZ is Coming to a Workplace Near You

Millennials entering the workplace was a huge deal — in fact, it’s pretty much all anyone talked about for a long time. But, now there is a new generation that is stepping up to the plate and ready to take on the working world. Gen Z differs from Millennials in big ways. 

Unlike Millennials, who are searching for that big paycheck, Gen Z is searching for that dream job. Here is how to Gen Z will change the workplace.

Gen Z is Looking For Career Growth More Than a Big Paycheck

Gen Z wants career growth. Today’s college students ranked the opportunity for career growth as the most important aspect of their first job, followed by fulfilling work and stability. Things like work environment, flexible schedule and higher salary ranked lower on their wish lists. The young professionals that make up the Gen Z generation want to know that there is an opportunity for movement and that they won’t have to continue switching jobs in order to get a title bump or a pay raise.

They Want to Be Mentored By Leadership

Gen Z also wants to be mentored. They want one-on-one interaction with their leaders, so much so that corporate mentorships fell only slightly behind on Gen Z’s list of the most important needs in the workplace. Management will need to be prepared to be involved in the development of these young professionals in a hands-on way. An effective mentorship will help integrate this new generation in the workplace and will help foster growth and success while building great relationships with colleagues.

They Want Job Stability

Gen Z also was growing up during the 2008 economic crisis and are more interested in having job stability than their older peers who have earned the reputation of job hoppers. These Gen Zers want to have a strong work culture more than they want a high salary. They want to see a strong connection between what they are doing and a bigger social impact.

They Want to Work for Companies Who are Socially Conscious & Purpose-Driven

Leaders will also need to support societal causes outside the office. Gen Z is socially-conscious and purpose-driven and companies need to exhibit these same values. Gen Z wants to work in a diverse workplace that has a team of leaders who support equality-based causes outside of the office as well. This means that compartmentalizing a section about equality or inclusion on your company’s website just is not enough. You need to show initiative and talk about causes that your organization and executives support.

Generation Z is quickly entering the workforce and is bringing many changes and ideas that millennials didn’t. These young workers are looking for more than a nice paycheck and want to find true fulfillment in their job and want to work for companies who find fulfillment in giving back to their communities. Gen Z is purpose-driven and companies will need to offer these young professionals true purpose in their careers to retain them.